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About the Company

We help create the perfect packaging

The company has been functioning in the plastic material processing since 1982 manufacturing toys, technical items and others, since 1987 it has been manufacturing packaging from hard foils, PVC, PS, PET – opaque and coloured. These raw materials offer the possibilities of manufacturing a wide range of products having lots of applications, but also they set high technological demands. The assortment palette of our products came into being at the result of the inflow of market demands and is still broadened. Some packaging patterns are patented in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. The creation of a new kind of packaging is the result of deep co-operation with the orderer, where the ending phase is the packaging made in accordance with the customer’s design and aesthetic and economic demands. We know that these features are widely accepted by the domestic market as well as more and more widely by the western markets. We invite you to co-operation – we offer reliable service and short periods of the order realisation with the delivery to the customer on the territory of Poland and beyond.

We present the cross-section of our production in the following packets:

  • tube (cylinder container)
  • folded boxes
  • palette, case, cassette
  • blister pack
  • technological drawpieces
  • impressions
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