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Fast delivery, any production volume



“Packaging is the flagship product and determines its first pickup by the customer. It is important, therefore, its durability, practicality and aestheticization. “

opakowania folia sztywna prezentacja

Our strengths:

  • A wide range adapted to customer needs
  • Unlimited volume of production
  • The possibility of ordering individual product according to customer requirements
  • Fast delivery (in Poland and abroad)
  • The possibility of obtaining a sample of the goods, before ordering a larger batch of product
  • Our articles are made from any type of raw material, so that a 100% recyclable
blistry na zestaw długopisów

Blister packs

A widely used type of foil packaging on a cardboard substrate. We manufacture blisters with various features and dimensions. The shape of this type of packaging is similar or even identical to the shape of the product.

Pudełka z folii twardej przezroczyste

Folded boxes

We produce folding boxes of any size. Our products can be used in almost every industry. Thanks to transparent packaging, items are better exposed and stand out in the store.

Tuby przezroczyste z folii twardej bezklejowe


High-quality tubes of any diameter and height. Our technology is registered at the RR Patent Office. This technology does not require any additional components, eg adhesive for joining elements.

kaseta z tworzywa z pokrywką


Packaging of this type are two-piece containers, which in the lower part are embossed in accordance with medium requirements. These are collective packaging, e.g. 12-24 fold. With a good possibility of product presentation through the transparent upper part.

Wytłoczki techniczne okrągłe

Technological drawpieces

Many production technologies require the use of auxiliary materials, including in the form of thermoformed moldings, which are made for a strictly defined production phase. For example, as a suitably formed spacer, which allows safe transport of the product

Tuby przezroczyste z folii twardej bezklejowe

Special orders

In addition to our basic packaging lines from the offer, we also carry out non-standard orders for our customers. We help create packaging from the design phase to the finished product.

“Pozytywna opinia na temat współpracy, pozytywna opinie o pracy z Uni-Pak.” Pozytywna opinia na temat współpracy, pozytywna opinie o pracy z Uni-Pak. Pozytywna opinia na temat współpracy, pozytywna opinie o pracy z Uni-Pak. Pozytywna opinia na temat współpracy, pozytywna opinie o pracy z Uni-Pak

Imię nazwisko, stanowisko (nazwa firmy)

Reputation and trust

We have already helped many companies to improve the quality and durability of packaging and to optimize their cost. We invite you to cooperation. Our experts will help you choose the best solutions for your products in the field of hard film packaging.

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